R-1: THW ban criminals from voting. (Cancelled due to mis times announcement)

R-1: THW give Europe it’s own Army.

R-2: THW put a speed limit on human Traffic.

R-3: THW make company directors criminally liable for the wrongs of their company.

R-4: THBT the US should get out of the middle east.

R-5: THW make pollution a tradable commodity.

R-6: THW remove patents on pharmacutical drugs from the 3rd world.

R-7: THBT the WTO should grant exemptions to developing nations.

R-8: THW ban performance enhancing drugs in sport.

OF: THW outlaw genetic discrimination.

QF: TH supports a one child policy.

SF: THW make reparations for slavery.

F: THW elect it’s judges.