R-1: THW create public housing for the poor in wealthy areas.

R-2: THBT Japan should acquire nuclear weapons.

R-3: THW only imprison individuals who pose a direct and continuing threat to society.

R-4: THBT International development institutions (such as the World Bank) should not finance natural resource extraction projects in corrupt states.

R-5: THBT self described progressive males of dominant ethnicities are morally obliged to refrain from taking positions of responsibility where there is a qualified alternative candidate from a historically disadvantaged group who would otherwise receive the post.

R-6: THW legally permit soldiers to refuse to participate in military actions or missions on the basis of conscience.

R-7: THBT European Union nations should forgive Greece’s sovereign debt.

R-8: THBT countries with booming populations should allocate every adult a single tradable permit to have a child

R-9: THW ban political parties and require all candidates for national public office to seek election as independents.

OF: THBT the US should cut off military aid to Egypt.

QF: THW ban all advertising of consumer goods and services.

SF: TBHT the WTO should never allow nations to place export restrictions on food, rare-earth metals, and other non-oil commodities.

F: THW not allow religious communities to expel members on the basis of views or actions that contradict doctrinal teachings.