R-1: THBT national sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the national population.

R-2: THBT all states have a right to nuclear weapons.

R-3: THBT governments should not provide benefits on the basis of marital status.

R-4:THBT central banks should set limits on government spending.

R-5: THW prioritise asylum Seekers who have engaged in armed struggle against oppressive regimes.

R-6: THW allow teachers unions the right to strike.

R-7: THW require individuals to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet.

R-8: THBT the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union.

R-9: THBT social movements should use the courts rather than the legislature to advance social change.

OF: THW buy countries votes in nternational organizations.

QF: THBT courts should not enforce wills that discriminate on the basis of race Semi: This house opposes organised religion.

SF(ESL): THW prefer that the children of racial minorities be adopted by parents of that race.

F: THW invade Zimbabwe.