R-1: THW ban labour unions.

R-2: THBT developing nations should pay for the full tuition of female university students.

R-3: THW financially incentivize both inter-faith and inter-ethnic marriages.

R-4: THW prohibit high-ranking members of the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tigers from participation in the election.

R-5: THW abolish taxes on alcohol and cigarettes that go beyond normal sales taxes.

R-6: THW prosecute communities for complicity in honour killings.

R-7: THW grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.

R-8: THW partition Sudan.

R-9: THW ban all pornography.

OF: THBT the West should recognise the Dali Lama.

QF: THW ban all procedures to alter one’s racial appearance.

SF: THBT the United States government should subsidize Twitter to liberalize oppressed societies.

F: THBT the media should show the full horror of war.