R-1: TH regrets the decline of tightly integrated families.

R-2: Infoslide: Climate engineering is a deliberate and large-scale intervention in earth’s climatic system in an effort to combat Global Warming. Climate engineering may take many forms; Examples include, but are not limited to, planting large forests where none previously existed, fertilizing the ocean with iron to dramatically increase the population of algae, and increasing cloud coverage so less sunlight reaches earth’s suface. Motion: THBT environmental movements should support climate engineering that fundamentally alters the environment, in an attempt to combat Global Warming.

R-3: THBT in areas of socio-economic deprivation, schools should train students in vocational skills to the exclusion of the Liberal Arts.

R-4: THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes.

R-5: THBT the international community should cut off internet access in Syria.

R-6: THBT developing countries should adopt economic development policies that heavily disincentivise urbanisation.

R-7: Infoslide: Over the last decade, scientists have identified a range of chemicals that exist naturally in the brain and shape individuals’ moral behaviour. Significant amounts of research is now being carried out to create “moral enhancement drugs”, which would alter the levels of such chemicals. Such drugs have been shown to increase individuals’ tendencies to display empathy and care for others, to behave in altruistic way, and to resist pressures to act in ways that violate their personal ethical beliefs. Motion: THW ban the research and production of moral enhancement drugs.

R-8: THBT the United States and the European Union should seek to promote peace by heavily subsidising Israeli businesses who invest in the Palestinian territories.

R-9: This House, as a medical professional employed by the United States military or security services, would, and would encourage others, to refuse orders to provide medical treatment to individuals undergoing “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”.

DOF: THW allow corporations to use hackers to retaliate against cyberattacks where the state seems unwilling or unable to do so.

OF: THBT disadvantaged groups should emphasise their conformity with, rather than distictiveness from dominant culture; as a strategy for improving their social position.

QF: TH regrets the decline of secular pan-Arab nationalism.

SF: THBT all states should create special economic zones in cities, where all economic activities (except the purchase of goods and services) are carried out by women.

F: THBT humanitarian organisations should and should be allowed to give funding, resources or services ti illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians.