R-1: THW make fathers take paternity leave.

R-2: THW prevent politicians from making fact claims,that, while not technically lies, are substantially misleading voters.

R-3: THW force large companies who leave an area to pay the costs of any resulting structural unemployment.

R-4: THW require individuals to use all their wealth beyond USD 5 millions for philanthropic projects.

R-5: THW require deaf parents to send their kids (whether deaf/hearing) to mainstream schools for their primary & secondary education.

R-6: TH supports politicians who pass progressive legislation even when it is contrary to the wishes of the democratic electorate.

R-7: TH supports the free movement of labour worldwide.

R-8: THW exempt academic disputes from defamation law.

R-9: THW ban all private healthcare in favour of a comprehensive public healthcare system.

OF: THW not allow a single media company to own multiple TV channels or newspapers (whether in print or online).

QF: THBT “Western” consultants advising dictatorships have a moral duty to sabotage them.

SF: THBT images designed to even slightly sexually attract/aroused viewer should be restricted to specialist adult site/xxx domain.

F: TH supports nationalism.