R-1: THW try Saddam Hussein before an international tribunal.

R-2: TH supports all forms of child labour.

R-3: THBT eviormentalists should use terrorism in support of their goals.

R-4: THBT students all round the world should be taught in English.

R-5: THW tie world bank aid to womens’ rights.

R-6: THW make the release of child sexual abusers conditional on chemical castration.

R-7: THB only African countries should be peacekeepers in African conflicts.

R-8: THW use international sporting events for political change.

R-9: THW ban religious symbols in state schools.

OF: THW support regime change in Iran.

QF: THBT parents should cast proxy votes for their children.

SF: THBT war journalists should be forced to reveal their sources in international criminal tribunals.

F: THW ban the abortion of fetuses on the grounds of their permanent disability.