R-1: TH fears an expanded Europe.

R-2: THW return land to its original owners.

R-3: THBT AIDS drugs should be freely available to all.

R-4: THBT the media is the West’s most effective weapon.

R-5: THBT harmony is more important than diversity.

R-6: THBT environmentalism in the Third World is the responsibility of the First World.

R-7: THBT the West should accept the democratic decision of the people of Zimbabwe.

R-8: THBT the US should be answerable to TRCs [Truth & Reconciliation Commissions] in South America.

R-9: THBT Sharon should stand with Milosevic.

OF: THBT tobacco companies should have social responsibilities.

QF: THB in the absolute right of the patient.

SF: THBT globalization is imperialism.

F: THBT the world has learned nothing from 9/11.