R-1:  Info slide: Mercenaries are soldiers for hire outside of national armed forces. They can be hired either as individuals contracted by a state or through companies offering these services to a state. Motion: THW allow states to use mercenary forces in combat roles in active military operations.

R-2: THW prohibit private ownership of art deemed to be culturally or historically significant.

R-3: THBT all states should collectively aggregate and evenly distribute all revenue from mineral wealth globally on a per capita basis.

R-4: THBT governments with racially diverse populations should never record the ethnic or racial background of their residents.

R-5: THBT the US should withdraw from East Asia and cede regional hegemony to China.

R-6: Info slide: A sunset clause is a legal measure that provides that the law in which it is contained shall expire after a specific date, unless further action is taken to extend it. Motion: THBT states should adopt sunset clauses that legally force them to review and either re-authorize or revise their constitutions every generation.

R-7: TH supports stronger collective bargaining rights and protections rather than legislated labor market regulations (e.g., wage levels and working conditions).

R-8: THBT the creation of feminist icons and their cults of personality are good for the feminist movement.

R-9: Info slide: Culpability is a measure of the degree to which a person can be held morally responsible for an offense. Motion: THBT criminal punishments should be based only on the offenders’ culpability rather than the damages caused by the criminal act or other outcomes derived from the punishment.