R-1: THW bail out failing industries.

R-2: THBT making Yassar Arrafat a partner in peace was a mistake.

R-3: THBT the west should treat state sponsored sexism as aparthide.

R-4: THBT the WTO is the friend of the developing world.

R-5: THW force feed anorexics.

R-6: THBT political assassinations are a legitimate tool of foreign policy.

R-7: TH supports domestic content quotas in broadcasting.

R-8: THBT the sexual history of rape victime should be admissible in court.

R-9: THBT US foreign policy is responsible for September 11.

OF: THW extradite accused criminals to face the death penalty.

QF: TH supports surrogacy for profit.

SF: THBT civil liberties must be restricted in the interests of security.

F: THW ban prisoners publishing accounts of their crimes.